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Protect Your Car Interior from Fading and Damage

There are several steps you can take to keep your car interior in great shape. Make the investment in quality window tinting to block the UV rays and keep your car looking like new longer.

Easy Steps to Protect Your Car Interior

Over time, the sun can damage your car interior, and it doesn’t end with faded colors. Upholstery becomes stiff and more prone to tearing, vinyl finishes crack, and the car can soon look older than it is. The good news is that there are ways to protect your car from the hot Las Vegas sun, and they’re all easier and more affordable than you might think.

Embrace the Shade

The number one way to protect your car from sun damage is to keep it out of the direct sunlight. Whenever possible, park in shady areas or your garage at home. Keep a folding windshield shade in the car for those times when you’re forced to park in direct sunlight. You can also use seat covers to protect your original upholstery.

Use Protective Cleaners

There are countless products out now that help limit UV damage. Special shampoos and polishes will seep into your interior materials to prevent long-term damage. You’ll have to repeat the processes on a regular basis because the protective properties do wear off with time. However, this is a great solution for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of a windshield shade.

Get Window Tinting

The most effective solution is to invest in window tint services in Las Vegas. With your side and rear windows tinted to block the UV rays, you’ll just have to watch how much sunlight streams in through your front window. You can also have the upper portion of the windshield tinted to further minimize the UV rays.

You don’t have to accept sun damage as just a part of life in Nevada. It’s possible to limit the UV rays coming into contact with your car’s interior. All of these steps will help protect your upholstery and dashboard so that your car can look like new for years to come.

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