We offer a full range of window tinting products for almost every automotive, residential and commercial application. Many of our window films have different functional and aesthetic features and strengths that allow us to tailor a perfect solution to your specific needs.

Our automotive and residential widow films carry a limited lifetime warranty against cracking, peeling, fading and bubbling. Our commercial films carry a seven year limited warranty.
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Solar films reject a considerable amount of the sun’s heat and harmful ultraviolet light. They keep the protected area cooler and more comfortable, and significantly reduce energy consumption and energy costs.

Sunlight is the enemy of the furnishings, fabrics and finishes in your car, home and business. Solar films help protect your valuable possessions against fading, cracking, warping and even melting.

Solar films reduce uncomfortable and distracting glare, which is especially important while you’re driving. They also provide additional protection in vehicle accidents by helping to control the spread of broken glass.

Finally, solar films filter out much of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation. They can reduce the risks of serious health problems, such as skin cancer and cataracts, which can be caused by excessive exposure to UVA and UVB waves.

Security Films

Security films have some or all of the same benefits of solar films, but they also provide real protection against accidents, vandalism and invasion for your home or business.

Typically, security films are made from heavy-duty materials and are bonded to the window surface with stronger adhesives. Not only do they provide a powerful barrier to intrusion by airborne objects, vandals and thieves, they also hold broken glass firmly in place. This all but eliminates the potential for injuries that can result from sharp flying or fallen glass fragments.

Security films should be used to protect homes and businesses in areas prone to violent weather and even earthquakes. Retail businesses that are vulnerable to “smash-and-grab” thefts and vandalism should also consider installing security films not only on exterior windows, but also in display cases, checkout counters and any other glass-enclosed areas that require
additional security.

Security films are a low-cost, high-value investment that can protect your family and your business, and pay for itself many times over in peace of mind.

Graffiti Films

Another all-to-common and costly form of vandalism is graffiti. And today’s graffiti is becoming ever more distasteful, destructive and permanent. Our graffiti films offer a far easier and more cost-effective way to minimize the damage graffiti can do to your windows.

Graffiti film is applied to the outside surface of a window and uses a lighter adhesive. This enables the film to be easily removed and replaced after vandals strike. However, graffiti films can be strong enough to resist scratches, gouges and even etching from acids and other caustic substances. Paints, permanent markers and other graffiti materials never touch or damage the window glass.

Graffiti films are far less expensive than glass. The cost of replacing a single window that has been ruined by graffiti can easily exceed many times the cost of a replacement film and installation. And replacing a film is much faster, easier and less disruptive than replacing a window.

They should be used to protect the street-level glass surfaces of homes, businesses and public facilities. They can also protect elevators, escalators, mirrors and counter tops and many other glass surfaces that may be prime targets for graffiti.