Aaron Braido




“I’ve always been the most competent person on any job I’ve ever had. Yes, I know that sounds arrogant. And, yes, I think Chris and my co-workers might take issue with that statement. But it’s always been a matter of personal pride for me to be better prepared than anyone else.

“Whatever the job, I always have every intention of doing the absolute best I can. Whatever the problem, I always believe I can solve it. Whatever the situation, I always take the initiative and go the extra mile. Maybe that’s because of the way I was raised. Maybe it’s because I’m a single father raising a two-year-old boy. Trust me. That prepares you for anything at any time.

“I’ve always felt like Robin Hood – fighting the wicked and doing what’s right. I’m the guy who helps people stuck on the side of the road. I’m the kid who beat up the school bully.  If I can ever use one of my skill sets to help someone, it’s done.

I’ve been in the window tinting business for 15 years. And I’ve always been totally honest with people. Sometimes, I’ve been way too honest. You can be the most competent, best prepared person, but without honesty, it doesn’t mean a thing. If you have personal integrity, there’s nothing in life you can’t handle.”


Chris Moran




“Window tinting is my passion. I’ve been in the industry for 25 years. I’ve been a business owner for 10 of those years. I’ve had opportunities to work in other fields, but window tinting is what I love most and what I do best.

“I really love bringing satisfaction to people with my window tinting skills. And it’s a great feeling to see customers fall in love with the new look of their car or home when the job is done.

“I believe my greatest strength is working with customers. I take time to understand their needs and solve their window tinting problems. And I always make sure they’re totally satisfied with the results.

“I also believe I’m a trustworthy person. A lot of people in this business can’t be trusted.  So, it’s important that my customers know they can trust me and I welcome every opportunity to prove myself worthy of their trust.

“I love life. I cherish every day and what it brings. I know hard times will pass and every bad experience teaches a valuable lesson. My positive attitude always gets me through the rough times and makes the good times even better.”