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Keep Personal Property Safe in Your Car

If you routinely carry valuables in your car, then you may wonder if your car alarm is enough. The fact is that most people these days will ignore car alarms, but there are other steps you can take to make your car less of a target.

Protecting Your Car From Break-ins

Leaving valuables in plain sight on your car seat can be a recipe for disaster. You don’t want someone to break a window to steal shopping bags off the back seat or grab any valuable that may have been left in the car. While you may have an alarm on your vehicle, there are a few other steps you can take to secure your property and minimize the risk of a break-in.

Trunks and Covers

If you’re going into a casino and don’t want to take your entire purse, put it in the trunk so that people walking by cannot see it. If you have a crossover with open cargo space, then consider purchasing one of the retractable covers that can be used to enclose this area and keep prying eyes out. When you exit the car, glance in the windows to see if you’ve left anything out that might be tempting to criminals.

Darken the Windows

Another option is to simply have your windows tinted. In addition to making the car cooler, you’ll also block the view of your car’s interior. With car window tinting in Las Vegas, you can set your purse on the floorboard of the back seat or leave your tablet tucked into the back seat pocket. Nothing will be in the direct light, and you won’t have to worry about someone casing your vehicle and breaking in for something that’s clearly visible.

Lock Up Every Time

This may seem far too simple, but the fact is that simply locking your doors can help make your car safer. It’s tempting to leave the car unlocked when you’ll only be in the store for a minute, but you never know when you might be delayed. If the car is locked, then you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

If you’re worried about your car being broken into, then take these steps to make your vehicle a less attractive target. Use window tinting in combination with your car alarm to keep your valuables safe. Lock the car every time, and make sure that you don’t leave valuables in plain sight.

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