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Insulate Your Car!

A car without window tinting is like a home without insulation.

Think about it. Every home has massive amounts of thermal insulation built in. In winter, home insulation keeps cold air out and retains the heat generated by your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. In summer, it keeps the heat out and the cool, conditioned air inside. You know that. Just about everyone does.

You probably also know that if your home didn’t have insulation, its HVAC system would be working constantly to maintain a comfortable temperature. This would result in astronomical electric bills, as well as more frequent and downright expensive HVAC maintenance and repairs.

So, insulation is an essential part of every home. No contractor would even build a home without proper insulation because no one would buy it.

On the other hand, automakers build the vast majority of their cars without proper thermal insulation – in other words, without tinted windows. In this climate, that means car AC systems routinely work overtime. Therefore, owners can expect reduced gas mileage, increased fuel costs, greater mechanical wear and tear on critical AC parts, and, once again, more frequent and costly repairs.

Owning a properly insulated car is just as important and sensible as owning a properly insulated home. Yet, people buy new and used cars without tinted windows all the time, mainly because they have no choice.

The obvious solution is to have your car windows tinted as soon as possible. Window tinting films can block up to 60% of the heat that pours into your car from dawn until dusk. They make it much easier for your AC unit to keep the interior, you and your passengers cool as cucumbers. And they can also help save you a ton of money down the road.

You wouldn’t own a home without insulation. You shouldn’t own a car without tinted windows.

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