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Are your tinting films warranted

A:    Yes! Our automotive and residential widow tinting films carry a limited lifetime warranty against cracking, peeling, fading and bubbling. Our commercial films carry a limited seven-year warranty. Ask us for complete details!

How should I clean the film?

A:    For general cleaning, use a non-abrasive, household-strength window cleaner and a soft cloth or paper towel. Graffiti films may require a stronger, non-abrasive commercial cleaner or even replacement, depending on the substance applied to the film. As a rule, never use harsh, solvent-based cleaners on any film.

Will tinted auto windows give me greater privacy?

A:    During the day, tinting will give you significantly more privacy. At night, it will give you only slightly more privacy than clear glass.

Are your films applied to the inside or outside of the window?

A:    Almost all of our automotive, residential and commercial tinting films are applied to the inside of the window. This protects the film from direct exposure to weather, as well as airborne dust, grit and debris.
However, our graffiti films are applied to the outside of the window to help protect the glass from permanent damage due to vandalism.

Do you use spray adhesive when applying the film?

A:    Never. All of our films are self-adhering. The only thing we spray is a solution of baby soap and water on the “non-sticky” side of the film. This lubricates the surface and helps ensure fast and flawless application.

Can I roll down my vehicle’s windows immediately after tinting?

A:    No. In most cases, you should not lower the windows for 24 hours after the film has been applied. However, every vehicle is different and, in some cases, you might have to wait longer. But in any case, we’ll let you know exactly when you can lower the windows without harming the film.

Can I wash my vehicle immediately after tinting?

A:    Yes. All of our automotive films are applied to the inside of the windows. Washing the exterior of the vehicle will not affect the films.

Should I wash my vehicle before I come in for service?

A:    It’s not necessary. But, if it’s completely covered with mud, we’d sure appreciate it!