Bottom Line Benefits

Window Tinting of Las Vegas is a business. So, we fully understand that every decision and every expenditure should yield measurable financial benefits that boost the bottom line. Tinting the windows and other glass surfaces of your business location(s) delivers a healthy return that makes it well worth your investment.

Our commercial tinting can enable your business to:

Reduce Energy Costs

  • Whether your business is in a storefront or a high-rise office building, passive solar heat pours through every plain glass window and door every minute of the day. Combating this heat requires the constant use of high cost energy to power HVAC systems, fans, chillers and other cooling devices.Commercial window tinting provides a barrier that effectively rejects the vast majority of passive solar heat and automatically lowers the inside temperature of your business space. Your HVAC systems cycle far less frequently and the bottom-line result is a significant reduction in overall energy consumption and energy costs.

Protect Assets

  • If your HVAC and other cooling systems don’t have to work as hard to keep your business space cool, this saves considerable wear and tear on their mechanical and electrical components. This, in turn, can extend the life of these assets and reduce the need for more frequent maintenance and repairs. It can also help avoid catastrophic failures and equipment replacements that can be cost intensive.
  • The sun’s heat and ultraviolet light can be extremely harmful to many other valuable business assets. Signage, furniture, fixtures, fabrics, window treatments, carpeting, paint, wallpaper, accessories, photographs, artworks, and even sensitive inventory all suffer when exposed to direct or indirect sunlight. Merchandise in sun-faded or sun-damaged packaging can ultimately become unsaleable. And the cost of replacing these assets can be prohibitive.Window tinting significantly reduces the amount of passive heat that enters your business space and blocks up to 99% of dangerous and damaging UVA and UVB rays. It helps protect and preserve the critical assets that enable you to do business and stay in business.

Improve Safety and Security

  • In active, high-traffic business spaces, there is a constant risk of injuries to customers and employees, resulting from broken glass windows and other structures.  Common risk factors include high winds and airborne debris, accidents during routine deliveries and maintenance, and construction activities.
  • Our commercial tinting can reinforce your windows with heavy-duty materials that reduce the risk of breakage and prevent broken glass from dispersing onto floors, furniture, shelving and other surfaces where it may cause serious injuries. This can also help protect your business from costly litigation.
  • Plain glass windows, doors, display cases and barriers can be prime targets for smash-and-grab thieves and other, more determined intruders who can instigate even greater losses after business hours.Our heavy-duty security films make it far more difficult for an intruder to enter your business through windows and glass doors or access merchandise stored in  film-reinforced display cases and glass-enclosed storage areas. This can reduce or prevent theft damage and losses that can cripple your business.

Reduce Vandalism Costs

Vandalism is an all-to-common and costly threat to many businesses. Heavy-duty security tinting can keep a vandal’s brick from penetrating a window and causing additional damage or even injuries inside your business space. But street-level businesses and public facilities also need to protect the outside surface of their windows and doors from distasteful, destructive and, in many cases, permanent graffiti.

Our anti-graffiti tinting offers a far easier and more cost-effective way to minimize the damage graffiti can do to your windows and doors. We use a special, nearly transparent film, which is applied to the outside surface of each window.

The film resists paint, permanent markers, scratches, gouges and even etching from acids and other caustic substances. It provides a durable barrier that bears the brunt of graffiti vandalism, yet protects the window glass. A damaged film can be easily removed and replaced at fraction of the cost of replacing a ruined window.

Improve Your Business “Climate”

  • Our commercial window tinting can protect your customers and employees against serious health risks related to sun exposure. These risks are just as real in the workplace as they are at the beach, in your car or in the tanning bed. Tinting filters out the vast majority of UVA and UBV light, which has been shown to cause skin cancer and cataracts.
  • Window tinting creates a cooler, more comfortable and more attractive business environment. This can help your employees be more productive and improve your  overall customer experience.

Excellent Service You Can Trust

We are committed to bringing all of the bottom-line benefits of window tinting into your business. We take time to determine your exact needs and develop a comprehensive and affordable solution. You approve the job estimate before we begin work and we stand by our estimate no matter how long the job actually takes.

Our highly knowledgeable, fully trained, professional installers treat your business as if it were our own. We take pride in delivering the highest quality installation and finish, and making sure every detail is addressed.

We’re never satisfied until you are. So, you’ll always be asked to inspect and approve our work, before final payment, to make sure it meets or exceeds your expectations.
We accept business checks and all major credit cards.

All of our commercial products carry a limited, seven-year manufacturer’s warranty.