Welcome to Window Tinting of Las Vegas!


About Us

We offer a full range of top-quality products and services to meet all of your automotive, residential and commercial window tinting needs. We are owned and operated by Las Vegans and we proudly serve our customers throughout the Greater Las Vegas region.

In this climate, window tinting is a practical, sensible and cost-effective solution that reduces energy costs and preserves the life and value of your vehicles and furnishings. Window tinting helps ensure a more comfortable environment for your family, customers and employees. And it also provides added privacy, protection, security and safety.

We want to convince you that Window Tinting of Las Vegas should be your first call, your go-to resource, the company you trust to care for your car, home and business every time. We believe there are three important reasons why you should choose us.


Our Pledge

We will always deliver the highest quality services at competitive prices that yield the greatest overall value to our customers. Whether it’s the smallest vehicle or the largest office building, we will always provide the same dedication to detail and apply the same standard of professional excellence. Our customers are the reason we’re in business. And we will always strive to provide an unmatched customer experience and earn the lasting trust and loyalty of each and every one.


Our Products

We use a wide range of top-quality, time-tested window tinting films from many of the most respected manufacturers in the industry. We carefully evaluate the needs and objectives of each job, and select the film(s) that will deliver the optimal results at the optimal price.

And we stand behind the products we sell. Our automotive and residential widow tinting films carry a limited lifetime warranty against cracking, peeling, fading and bubbling. Our commercial films carry a seven year limited warranty. Please ask us for complete details.


Our People

Our pledge and our products are only as good as the people behind them. Every member of our sales team has expert knowledge of window tinting products, applications, project specification and installation. Every member of our service team is fully trained, experienced and dedicated to doing each job right, regardless of how much time it takes.

All of our automotive window tinting is done in our shop, by our owners themselves to ensure our rigorous, high standards of quality. We never hire temporary workers or third party contractors who do not have our training and experience or share our commitment to quality. And our residential and commercial teams have the skills and experience to master the largest and most complex installations.

The quality of our people is a reflection of the quality of our leadership. Window Tinting of Las Vegas founders, Chris Moran and Aaron Braido, have a combined 35 years of window tinting experience. They understand every aspect of the business, the marketplace and the industry, including the nuances of window tinting laws and regulations.